Volunteer Background Check Release

  • I understand that in connection with my application to Volunteer Services, and/ or to Continue to Volunteer Services, Christ Church Cranbrook, or their agents, may be performing, requesting, obtaining or conducting a background check on me. This background check will include an inquiry into the Sex Offender/ Child Abuse Registry and my Criminal History.

    I understand that Christ Church Cranbrook may rely on any part of all of this Information in determining whether to extend an offer of volunteer duties to me. I further understand that if any adverse action is taken by the Organization, or if Organization chooses not to extend an offer of Volunteer duties to me based upon the Information, that I will be provided a copy of such Information along with a summary of rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act should it be applicable.

    I understand that the background check, which may be performed by Investigators, is being performed as part of the process to evaluate me prior to Volunteer assignments, and is not conducted for any purpose other than in connection with my Application for Volunteer status, and /or my eligibility for Continued Volunteer Duties.

    I have read this Pre-Volunteer Disclosure and by signing below, hereby authorize Investigators to conduct a background check as described herein in conjunction with my application for employment/ volunteer duties. I hereby release any and all Investigators, including Christ Church Cranbrook, from any and all liability related to the procurement or disclosure of any information provided by me or obtained about me in connection with my Application with Christ Church Cranbrook. I further direct and authorize Investigators to conduct the background check and further authorize any third parties who may be the custodians of or in possession of the requested Information, to disclose Information to Investigators in connection with this background check.

    Although furnishing your Social Security Number is not optional, it shall be used for NO other purpose than to make the process for conducting a background search more accurate. It shall not be sold or in any way transferred to a third party except for the express purpose of conducting the background check.

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