Volunteer Child Safety Affirmation

  • “Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love…fulfill my joy by being likeminded…” Philippians 2:1-2

    As a volunteer working with children and youth at Christ Church Cranbrook:

    1. The lives of our church children are very precious to us.
    2. All efforts must be taken to prevent emotional, physical, or sexual abuse of our church children. As a volunteer, I agree to exercise extraordinary care with our children.
    3. As a worker in the Children/Youth Programs, I understand it is completely outside the scope of my ministry to engage in any practice that would intentionally harm a child emotionally or physically. I also will not engage in acts that are reckless or negligent and that would expose church children to undue harm.
    4. As a worker, I also agree not to engage in any behavior that would involve sex, sexuality or physically abusive contact with any child. This includes inappropriate touching, intimate sexual contact, sexual gestures, sexual jokes and statements, exhibitionism, actions or speech designed to arouse sexuality and actions or speech designed to encourage sexual experimentation.
    5. I understand that sexual abuse or physical abuse of a minor is a crime. I understand that the church will cooperate fully with any and all law enforcement agencies if abuse occurs.
    6. I understand that I am required to report known or suspected child abuse to a priest, director of children’s ministry or assistant director of children’s ministry.
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