Like the echo you hear when you enter a church, or walk in a canyon, human giving is an echo of God’s giving. Learn how to give since God has given richly to you.

“Stewardship” is the term we use to describe a distinctly Christian philosophy of giving. Its heart and soul is this: All that we have comes from God. This makes each human act of giving a graced repetition – we give because God has already given to us. Like the echo you hear when you enter a church, or walk in a canyon, human giving is an echo of God’s giving.

This teaching regarding Christian generosity runs throughout the New Testament. It is a direct outgrowth of God’s own gift of Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus is the living embodiment of God’s generosity – Jesus is the greatest gift God ever gave, the gift of Godself.

Just so, when we give anything, we are merely following God’s lead. And, like God, every gift we give is not only a reflection of ourselves, but is a sharing of our self with others.

Just as Jesus became fully human – and took on all the particularities of human life with its joys, challenges, comforts, and sorrows – so are we called to be generous with everything we have – with the “time” we give, with the “talents” we offer, with the “treasure,” or money, we contribute.

Each of us has received “grace upon grace” (John 1:16).  God’s own “fullness” fills us the moment we follow the flow of God’s generosity and become as God already is – generous and loving.

Stewardship is about more than money. However, your money is important. How we spend our money reveals a lot about who we are. Jesus spoke truly when he said, “where your treasure is, there your heart is also.”

Money also makes the ministry we do here possible. We do this primarily by making a “Pledge,” a commitment of financial support for the church.

The pledge you make each year – together with everyone else’s – covers the annual operating budget of the church. It pays the salaries of our staff, funds our programs, and covers every expense beyond the immediate care for the facilities.

Most importantly, the money we give through our pledging supports each other. That is to say, your annual pledge serves the whole of the church – not only the activities you like or enjoy, but those that are life giving to others. This makes your giving other-centered instead of self-centered – an act, in other words, of love.

Please see this year’s booklet on Living Generously.

For more about pledging, look at these FAQ’s here.

Click here for the 2018 Pledge Card to download. For more about ways you can support the church through contributions made through transfers of stocks or donor advised funds (DAF), look here.