A Report from the Wardens

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July 28, 2013

The following progress report was presented by Senior Warden Robin Eikenberry and Junior Warden Susan Varbedian Lucken during this weekend’s services.
Last Tuesday, the Wardens met with Bishop Gibbs.


The Bishop had some thoughtful questions for us and we covered quite a bit of ground. Among other things, we discussed Stewardship, The Holy Conversations, and the status of matters still to be addressed during our time of transition.

We asked the Bishop for his thoughts on all the church has accomplished in the last nine months. He was pleased with all we had done, and he felt the Holy Conversations had been very positive, helpful and thorough. The Bishop then gave his permission for the Profile Team to meet and begin to evaluate the information gathered at the Holy Conversations. Then, in early September, the Profile Team will meet with Jim Gettel, the new Canon for Congregational Life, and begin their work in earnest.

Leslie McNamara is chair of the Profile Committee. The members of this committee include Elizabeth Briody, Steve Huprich, Gretchen Lambert, Bill MacAdam, Andrew McMechan, John Wakevainen, and Jackie Watson. We have asked Leslie to keep you informed as to their progress.

We then asked the Bishop for his thoughts on a potential timeline. He reminded us that there are many variables involved, some out of the Bishop’s, Vestry’s, and Parish’s control, and what he was putting forth could only be considered an approximation. Bishop Gibbs thought the Profile Committee might have their work done in early December and the Search Committee might complete their work and a rector might be called by Easter.  He also stressed that the rector we call may not be immediately available, and he or she may not be able to arrive until summer 2014.

Again, we will continue to keep you informed as we make our way through this process.

The church is moving forward and we should all be excited about the good work that has taken place, and will continue to happen in the months ahead. Please don’t hesitate to contact either of us, or any member of Vestry if you have any questions.

Robin Eikenberry                                    Susan Varbedian Lucken

Senior Warden                                          Junior Warden