Holy Conversations

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In a time of transition, members of a congregation have a unique opportunity to clarify where they have been, where they are at the present time, and where they believe God is calling them as they look with hope to the future. Data, statistics, and financials don’t tell the whole story.  What is on the hearts and minds of those walking together on the journey of faith, shared in conversations, reveals the rest of the story.

Informal conversations about these things take place all the time.  In addition to those conversations, experience has shown that intentional, structured, holy conversations provide rich and varied information that is helpful to the work of transition and, eventually, to the development of a parish profile in the days to come.

Alban Institute authors Gil Rendle and Alice Mann provide insight into what makes conversation holy:

  • Conversation is people exploring their similarities, differences, and perceptions; people saying what they believe to be important; and people sharing stories, memories, and hopes. Conversation strengthens and transforms.  Conversation follows its own unpredictable path.
  • Conversation is Holy when it is about a people’s understanding of their identity as a faith community, their sense of purpose, and their relationship with God. At its heart, that conversation centers around three formation questions: Who are we?  What is God calling us to do and be?  Who is our neighbor?

To that end, we have scheduled three opportunities for members and friends of Christ Church Cranbrook to enter intentionally into Holy Conversations with one another around these themes of past, present, and future. The information gleaned from those conversations will be carefully recorded, examined, and passed along to the team that will be charged with developing the parish profile prior to the beginning of the search for a new rector.

Please arrange your schedule so that you will be able to attend a Holy Conversation on the following date:

Saturday, May 18, 9:00 a.m. until Noon

A Continental Breakfast will be served .  The voices of our Children and Youth are important, so they will also be invited to participate in the Holy Conversations.  Childcare will be available upon request for smaller children.

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