Sanctuary Eucharist

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small candles for webSaturdays at 5:00pm

- In the Oxford English Dictionary, we find the following definition: 1. a holy place; 2. a specially holy place within a temple or church; 3. a piece of consecrated ground; 4. a sacred place in which, by law, a fugitive from justice, or a debtor, was entitled to immunity from arrest; 5. Immunity from punishment and/or the right or privilege of affording such shelter, refuge, protection as afforded by a church, etc.


Standing behind this definition is a long tradition of the church providing shelter and hospitality to those who need it. Inspired by this vision, we have developed a new liturgy for the 5:00pm Saturday service that seeks to provide a place of holy refuge and protection. This service will draw the best from both contemporary and classical liturgies to provide space for contemplation and renewal.