Sunday Morning Rector’s Forum ~ Living Religion(s)

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F0046_SacredSymbolsWe live, as the saying goes, in interesting times. Religion, once considered a spent force in society, continues to figure in world events as a source of conflict and compassion, of violence and peace, of wounding and healing.

Therefore, it is imperative for people of faith to know whereof they speak when asked to give an account of what they believe in relation to the other beliefs and believers around them. There was a time when people needed to travel a great distance to encounter another faith tradition. Now, religious differences begin the moment we leave our front door.

In this course, we will provide an overview of the world’s major religions. The perspective we take will be to look for the overlaps that exist between the major religions of the world as well as their different claims about God and humanity.

The textbook for this course will be: Introduction to World Religions 2ndEd., edited by Christopher Partridge and Tim Dowley (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2013). Copies are available online or at the parish office.

This course will be taught by

Father Bill, Pastor Manisha, Troy Dostert, and Pastor Joyce.

Course Outline:

Sept. 13 – (Father Bill) – “What is Religion?”

Sept. 20 – (Father Bill) – Seeing Difference Differently: Introduction to Eastern Religions

Sept. 27 – (Troy Dostert) – Many Paths to God: Early Hinduism

Oct. 4 – (Troy Dostert) – The Struggle with the West: Modern and Contemporary Hinduism

Oct. 11 – (Troy Dostert and & Pastor Manisha) – Overcoming the Illusion of Self: Jainism and Buddhism

Oct. 18 – (Troy Dostert) – What is ‘Mindfulness’? Buddhism Yesterday and Today

Oct. 25 – (Father Bill) – The God who Acts: Introduction to Western Religions

Nov. 1 – (Troy Dostert) – The God Who Rescues: Judaism

Nov. 8 – (Father Bill) – God, Idols and Sacrifice: Judaism

Nov. 15 – (Troy Dosert) – The Power of Submission: Islam

Nov 22 – (Father Bill) – Finding Home and Making Space: Contemporary Islam

Dec. 6 – (Pastor Joyce) – God Incarnate: Christianity

Dec. 13 – (Pastor Manisha) – God Crucified: Christianity, contd.

Dec. 20 – (Father Bill) – God for Us: Christianity, contd.