God in the City

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- First Sunday of each month from 6:00-8:00pm

This year, at our 6:00 PM Choral Evensong services, we will provide an opportunity for activists, academics, clergy, community leaders, and artists to share how they find God in the midst of their work in the Greater Detroit Area and beyond. After offering a sermon at our monthly Choral Evensong, they will offer additional remarks and take questions about the work they do during a special reception.

Next guest preacher:
June 5: Michael Ford

Past guest preachers:
October 4 Guest Preacher: Dr. Glenda Price
November 1 Guest Preacher: The Rev. Faith Fowler
December 6: Mary McLaren Honsel
January 3: Dr. Steven Butler Murray
February 7: The Rev. Donald P. Kreiss
March 6: The Rev. Dr. Stephen Butler Murray
April 3: Amy Kaherl
May 1: Coleman Youkam