Women’s Spirituality ~ Fridays at 12:00 PM

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2016-2017 prog year calThe Women’s Spirituality Group is a program designed to invigorate Spiritual growth and development for seekers who attend. Over the course of this program year, we will explore topics relating to Worship, Christian Theology, Scripture, Music/Art/Science, Internal Spiritual Life, Current Events on Earth and Interfaith/Ecumenical Themes.

The Women’s Spirituality Group  will be studying contemplative prayer – join us  as we learn how to pray using wonderful ancient and modern meditative practices.

Please join us at noon each Friday in rooms 201-202, or come at 11:30 for an brown-bag lunch!  Questions may be addressed to Pastor Manisha at mdostert@christchurchcranbrook.org or Leslie McNamara at lesliemcn@comcast.net.

All are welcome and please bring friends!