Fact and Fiction Fun ~ Monday, May 1

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Heart of DarknessWEBFact and Fiction Fun will meet again on Monday, May 1, 2017 (Please Note: Due to schedule difficulties, we have changed the date for this meeting from the last Monday in April to the first Monday in May). We will meet in the Christ Church Cranbrook Conference Room from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The selection for April is Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Please join us for a discussion on this most important contribution to English literature.

Although Polish by birth, Joseph Conrad (1857–1924) is regarded as one of the greatest writers in English, and Heart of Darkness, first published in 1902, is considered by many his “most famous, finest, and most enigmatic story.” The tale concerns the journey of the narrator (Marlow) up the Congo River on behalf of a Belgian trading company. Far upriver, he encounters the mysterious Kurtz, an ivory trader who exercises an almost godlike sway over the inhabitants of the region. Both repelled and fascinated by the man, Marlow is brought face to face with the corruption and despair that Conrad saw at the heart of human existence. Heart of Darkness grew out of a journey Joseph Conrad took up the Congo River; the verisimilitude that the great novelist thereby brought to his most famous tale everywhere enhances its dense and shattering power. In its combination of narrative and symbolic power, masterly character study and acute psychological penetration, Heart of Darkness ranks as a landmark of modern fiction. It is a book no one can afford to miss.

All are Welcome!