Fact and Fiction Fun! ~ “The Portrait of a Lady”

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The Portrait of a LadyWEBFact and Fiction Fun will meet again on Monday, June 5, 2017 (please note change in date from last Monday in the month due to Memorial Day holiday) in the Conference Room at Christ Church Cranbrook from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The selection for May is The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James. First published in 1881, it is one of James’s most popular long novels and is regarded by critics as one of his finest. All are welcome to join in the lively discussion.

The Portrait of a Lady. “What an incredible book! To read a 19th Century masterpiece is a very different experience from reading a lot of contemporary literary fiction: you’re forced to read deeply. The pace is slow, the unveiling of plot is subtle. You sink into the book and you breathe the air and feel the life of Isabel Archer and Ralph Touchett, Lord Warburton and Madam Merle, among the many.  James writes exquisite sentences: I almost wished I could read with my eyes closed so that I could let his vision overtake me. It was an unbelievably beautiful experience. Isabel Archer is truly one of literature’s great heroines: I did not want to like her, but she is an irresistible force, and once you’ve been introduced, you’ll never want to forget her or this book”. This review convinced me on this selection and I hope it will convince you also.