Rector’s Forum: Theology, Art, and Culture – The Art of Billy Mark

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headshotSunday at 9:00 AM
May 7, 14, 21, 28
Hospitality Center

Having looked at Christian iconography, the theology of Shakespeare’s final plays, and Anglican choral music, we now turn to explore the tension between theology, art and culture through Billy Mark, an award-winning, Detroit-based interdisciplinary artist.

Billy Mark is a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, and his writing has been published in The Guidebook of Alternative Nows (2012) and SEEN magazine. His work has been performed at REDCAT (Los Angeles), Spiel Festival (Austria), Detroit Contemporary (Detroit) and Bushwick Open Studios (New York). He is a 2015 Literary Arts Fellow of the Kresge Arts in Detroit program administered by the College for Creative Studies .

Billy Mark is an interdisciplinary artist who works in, and blurs, the categories of poetry, music, theater, prayer, movement, worship, installation and performance art.

He also works in, and blurs, the categories of Evangelicalism, Social Justice, Protestantism, Conservatism, Monasticism, and liturgical worship, particularly as these intersect in his own “buildingless” Christian intentional community. Examples of his work can be found at

In the four weeks of the Rector’s Forums, he will discuss his work regarding the blurring of the racial categories of black and white.

“What do black and white people have in common? How about Christians and Artists? Where is there common ground? Where is distinction necessary?”

These questions are central to the life and work of Billy Mark, a mixed race Christian artist.

Please join us each week as we will explore the themes, tensions and formal opportunities available at the intersection of these well-defined social identities.