Rector’s Fourm ~ Word Become Flesh: On Theology, Culture and the Arts

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Rectors Forum WordleNina Simone once said that artists have the duty to reflect the “signs of the times.” Christians share this duty. We are called to bear witness to a timeless message grounded in the here and now, in the place where we stand and where our communities live.

In this year-long course, we will look at great works of art as well as other rituals and practices in order to better understand the way artists bear witness to things greater than themselves through signs, symbols and narratives. In the process, we will create a deeper dialogue not only between art, the Bible, and theology, but between theology and culture. The aim of this course is not only to entertain or enlighten. It is to deepen our prayer and inspire us where we stand and where we live.

Much of this course will explore, appropriately, different portrayals of Jesus. In the first part of this course, we will look at early artwork in Christian history, focusing in particular on Icons — their history and their use.  Beginning in Lent, we will focus on images and portrayals of Jesus’s life, death and crucifixion. Finally, after Easter we will look at the Resurrection and the coming of the Spirit. In addition to depictions found throughout the world, we will also look at works of art found in our own magnificent church. At different points, we will also have invited lecturers to offer yet another perspective.

This forum will be led by Fr. Bill Danaher and Pastor Imogen Rhodenhiser

Meets Sundays in the Hospitality Center at 9:00 AM