Usher Schedules

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Ushers are requested to report 30 minutes in advance for services.  Ushers unable to fulfill any of these assignments are requested to secure a substitute from the list of ushers provided.  The Church Staff is not able to secure a substitute. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please note that is was updated as of  May 3, 2017. Please note, weekly substitutions will not be reflected in this schedule.

*Tom Lloyd, Rob Bowen, Tom Halsted, Doris Hester, Jim Stokas and Peter Webster

*Ed Burke, Kathy Bass, Jim Stokas, John Street, Jeff and Tara Trees

*Bill Redfield, Kathy Bass, Rob Bowen, Mollie Proctor Joe and Melinda Saylor


*Denotes head usher

Thank you for your service!