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Welcome to Christ Church Cranbrook!  We are an Episcopal congregation in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, located at the crossing of Cranbrook and Lone Pine Roads.  Founded in 1928 as one of the Cranbrook institutions, Christ Church has a long tradition of excellence in worship, music, education, pastoral care, and outreach to the metropolitan area.

We are a community of Christian people from diverse backgrounds gathering around God’s table in communion.  We seek to be an inviting, inclusive, and welcoming community.  We extend an invitation to you to come with us and explore what God is doing in your life.  There is a place for you here at God’s table.

The Episcopal Church has always been a comprehensive tradition, honoring the liberty of the individual’s conscience and the breadth of theological affirmations.  Some of us are more Protestant, some more catholic; some liberal, some conservative.  All of us understand prayer, service, and fellowship as the activities that bind us together.

For adults we offer Sunday morning and mid-week education offerings.  For children we offer weekly Sunday School formation.  For middle and high school students we offer an acolyte program, Confirmation class, and youth programs throughout the year. And there is a wide range of service and fellowship activities for people of all ages.

We worship using the Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church.  Our music is varied and dynamic.  Our principal weekend liturgies are:  5:00 p.m. Saturday, 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., and 6 p.m. Sunday.  The Sunday 8:00 service is said and uses Rite I (early English).  The Saturday evening and later Sunday morning liturgies use Rite II (modern English) and employ a range of liturgical music.  Most Saturdays/Sundays the sung services use choir and organ.

The Sunday evening service (6:00 p.m.) is an Evensong service. On the first Sunday of the month, it is a Choral Evensong with the choir. This service provides an opportunity for activists, academics, clergy, community leaders, and artists to share how they find God in the midst of their work in the Greater Detroit Area and beyond. After offering a sermon at our monthly Choral Evensong, the guest preacher will offer additional remarks and take questions about the work they do during a special reception.

We are committed to being a faith community that explores the riches and depth of the Christian tradition in worship, ministry, and fellowship with each other and the world.  We invite you into our church community in hopes that the depth of love, acceptance, and forgiveness you experience here will empower you to be an agent of love, healing, and grace in the world.


Mission Statement

The mission of Christ Church Cranbrook is to

Learn the faith,
Live the faith,
Love the people in our midst,and
Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Expansive Ministries with Children and Youth,
Challenging Adult Christian Formation,
Abundant Outreach,
Extravagant Hospitality,
Generous Stewardship, and
Intentional Leadership Development.

2014-15 Welcome and Program Booklet