Youth Education and Programs

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 Youth Ministries

at Christ Church Cranbrook


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Christ Church Cranbrook’s Youth Program focuses on 6th to 12th graders and offers a number of opportunities for young people to build relationships, serve their community and strengthen their faith.

6th through 8th graders meet most Sundays of the month at 9 AM.  We’ll be in room 201.

Service Opportunities – Youth participate in service projects throughout the year with our Mission Partner, Focus: HOPE in Detroit. They also serve as crew leaders each summer at Vacation Bible School, and can work any time in Christ Church Cranbrook’s Community Garden. Specific Outreach opportunities for youth will becoming soon. 2016.2017 CCC Youth Event permission slip and health form

Acolytes – Seventh graders and older can serve in the Acolyte Program.  Sixth graders can join this ministry in the Spring.  Acolytes are required to be at church a half-hour before service starts.  There are four Sunday mini-retreats (11.30am-1.30pm) throughout the year, and a picnic at the end of the year.  2016.2017 Acolyte Registration form

Confirmation – Confirmation is available for youth who will be 15 years old or older who want to make an adult affirmation of faith.  This year’s Confirmation will be announced at a later date. 2016.2017 Youth Confirmation Registration Form

Jill Bednas is  the Director of Children and Youth Ministries: or 248-644-5210, ext. 13.

Christian Education Registration form 2016-2017

Ongoing Programs

  • Sunday School 3 years – 5th grade – 10:00am (join families in church for Communion)
  • 6th through 8th graders – Middle School – 9:00am – 9:45am – Room 201
  • 9th through 12th graders – High School Hangout at 11:15 on Sundays in Room 105.
  • Youth Lectors – Youth read scriptures in church, if interested call Pastor Manisha
  • Acolyte Practice – (7th – 12th grade) Four times a year, dates and times to be announced.
  • St. Francis Choir – Kindergarten – 2nd grade, after church on Sundays.

Leadership Team

How do we reach you? 


Our primary way of communicating with Parents and Children and Youth is through E-mail newsletters!

  • If you are not receiving a weekly update by email for Children or Youth (with detailed info, registration forms, announcements) please contact a staff member and give us your email address.
  • Also follow us on Facebook:
  • Join us on Facebook –  “Christ Church Cranbrook Youth”. It’s a “secret group”, for security purposes, for youth, parents, and leaders.
  • Or join us on Facebook at our general site – “Christ Church Cranbrook”.
  • General announcements are listed in the Take It Home and the E-Communicant

Thanks and blessings!  Let us know if you have any questions