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The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost ~ July 23, 2017

The Rev. Canon Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr. Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 Transcribed As a few of you know, the last couple of weeks, about midway through this month I was on vacation in Italy with my family. One of the things I love about vacation is that it allows you the opportunity to step back [...]

The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost ~ July 16, 2017

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Proper 10A- Lectionary 15A (Sat, July 15/Sun, July 16) The Rev. Manisha Dostert When I was in high school, I took a couple of AP courses: AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Bio.  I loved them and I was super good at them.  AP Calc was so fulfilling: to see how there could be [...]

The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost ~ July 9, 2017

The Rev. Imogen Rhodenhiser Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30 Transcribed   About seven years ago, I was working in Ann Arbor. I was in the sermon already, as they would put it for the priesthood. And I was going to classes and things that required for that formation. Now I was also bravely, hopefully enough, dating. It [...]

The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost ~ July 2, 2017

The Rev. Joyce Matthews Matthew 10:40-42 Transcribed   In the chapters prior to Matthew Chapter 10, we heard stories of Jesus’ ministry of teaching, healing, casting out demons, and raising the dead. At the end of Chapter 9, Jesus looks at the crowd and has compassion on them because they are harassed and helpless like [...]

The Third Sunday after Pentecost ~ June 25, 2017

The Rev. Manisha Dostert June 25, 2017 The Third Sunday after Pentecost Matthew 10:24-39 Last week was the greatest week of the year according to Kate Bell, our children’s minister and Mary Beth Johnson, our co-director of Vacation Bible School. Because we had Vacation Bible School Monday through Friday, and for one whole week the [...]

The Second Sunday after Pentecost ~ June 18, 2017

The Rev. Imogen Rhodenhiser June 18, 2017 Matthew 9:35-10:23 The Second Sunday after Pentecost Christ Church Cranbrook Transcribed For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed traveling. This began early on with lots of car trips with my parents, and then towards my early teenage years because at one point, my parents were [...]

The First Sunday after Pentecost: Trinity Sunday ~ June 11, 2017

The Rev. Canon Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr June 11, 2017 The First Sunday after Pentecost Trinity Sunday Matthew 28:16-20 Transcribed Late this past week, I had one of those moments in which I was reminded why God put me on this earth. God put me on this earth for reasons that I’ve never fully [...]

The Sixth Sunday of Easter ~ May 21, 2017

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The Rev. Canon Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr. May 21, 2017 The Sixth Sunday of Easter John 14:15-21   Transcribed There are moments in our life in which you are in the midst of an everyday activity and then suddenly, out of nowhere you realize that you are surrounded in something incredibly mysterious, something profound, [...]

The Fifth Sunday in Easter ~ May 14, 2017

The Rev. Canon Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr. John 14:1-14 Transcribed One of the most amazing things that I have when I do what I do as a priest is I have the ability, and the privilege, and the joy, and the honor of being able to bear witness to so much beauty. My calling [...]

Earth Day Weekend ~ April 23, 2017

Dr. Norman Wirzba Earth Day Weekend Sunday, April 23, 2017 Transcribed I was raised by German immigrants in western Canada. Many of these folks had been living in the Blood Lands, which is the region between Germany and Russia. They were mostly farmers. After the war, of course, their lands were confiscated, which meant that [...]