The Second Sunday in Lent ~ March 12, 2017

The Rev. Manisha Dostert John 3:1-17 Transcribed What a delight to see all of you here! I can actually see you. There’s electricity. It’s amazing. It is so bizarre when things are taken away from you, and you have to learn how to live in this different way of being. But it’s kind of also [...]

The First Sunday in Lent ~ March 5, 2017

  The Rev. Canon Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr. Rector March 5, 2017 The First Sunday in Lent   Transcribed   Until I became the rector of Christ Church Cranbrook two-and-a-half years ago, I always had a balance in my life. I was a professor of ethics and then I was a priest. And I [...]

The Last Sunday after the Epiphany ~ February 26, 2017

The Rev. Canon Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr. Rector February 26, 2017 Matthew 17:1-9 Transcribed When I was 14 years old, I went to a nice school and it had a beautiful library, and I kind of discovered this library. I was from a small town in Connecticut and going off into that library was [...]

The Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany ~ February 12, 2017

The Rev. Canon Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr. February 12, 2017 Matthew 5:21-37 Transcribed About eleven years ago, I had this incredible moment in my life. I had been working and teaching at a university in Tennessee, in a small town, and I was offered this incredible position. I was offered a tenure and a [...]

Epiphany 5A, Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Sermon Manuscript prepared and preached  by the Reverend Manisha Dostert Epiphany 5A (Feb 4/5), 2017 at Christ Church Cranbrook      

The Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ ~ January 8, 2017

The Rev. Canon Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr. Matthew 2:1-12 Transcribed   In every relationship, there is a moment in which you have – no matter how much counseling you get, no matter how much preparation you put into it – a moment of disillusionment. There’s this moment in which you realize that no matter [...]

Christmas Eve ~ December 24, 2016

The Rev. Canon Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr. Luke 2:1-20 Transcribed   One of the things that I have, which is a peculiar part of being a priest, is that people that I know, and friends that I have, like to share with me their experience of worship in another place. I wonder if people [...]

The Second Sunday in Advent ~ December 4, 2016

The Rev. Canon Dr. William J. Danaher Transcribed There used to be this songwriter that I liked to listen to, and in his live show, there would be this moment in which he would say that he would be bothered by “these things.” He’d pick up these things in our everyday life. He’d say, “This [...]

The Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost ~ October 30, 2016

The Rev. Canon Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr. Luke 19: 1-10 Transcribed   Earlier this week, as I was contemplating the gospel appointed for today from the Gospel of Luke, I had one of those moments, those kinds of moments that happen every so often where I thought to myself, “Is there any other meaning [...]

The Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost ~October 23, 2016

The Rev. Manisha Dostert Luke 18:9-14 TRANSCRIBED   The other day I went with my twelve-year-old son to our local big box store to get some Halloween candy. I went after a really long day, and you know those big box stores are so huge and you kind of get lost in it. I had [...]