Lifelong Covenant

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The Witnessing & Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant

Liturgical Resources and Guidelines for Blessing Same-Sex Relationships

On Monday, May 20, at its regular monthly meeting, the Vestry unanimously consented to the use of “The Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant” in our congregation by our clergy. The 77th General Convention authorized this liturgy for provisional use under the direction and subject to the permission of bishops exercising ecclesiastical authority.  The liturgy with theological reflection and the guidelines from Bishop Gibbs may be downloaded by clicking the links below.

Our clergy and vestry are in complete agreement regarding the use of this rite for blessing same-sex relationships. All of our priests are available to respond to questions about this liturgy at any time. Requests for use of the liturgy in our congregation must likewise be directed to the clergy.

The Liturgy Authorized for Provisional Use

The Diocesan Guidelines