Music Ensembles

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All are welcome to join the following ensembles at Christ Church Cranbrook. Please contact the director of the group to obtain information on rehearsal times and locations. For information on any of these groups, please contact Christopher Wells at 248.644.5210, Ext. 37.

CCC Choir at St. John the Divine, NYC 2010

The  Christ Church Choir

The Christ Church Choir leads the congregation in singing in addition to offering anthems and psalms at the 10:00 AM service from September through June. They also sing the service of Evensong on the first Sunday of the month, feast and fast –day services, concerts, and other special events. The Christ Church Choir is an advanced ensemble that sings a greatly varied repertoire, including a significant amount of standard sacred choral literature from all periods. Individuals who can read music and have previous choral experience are best suited for this ensemble. Contact Christopher Wells for more information at

Click HERE to listen to the Christ Church Cranbrook Choir.

The Parish Choir

The Parish Choir is an ensemble for teens and adults that sings alongside the Christ Church Choir several times each year. For these occasions, music selections are intentionally uncomplicated – chosen for singers who are not able to make a weekly commitment to the Christ Church Choir, but would like to be a part of the music program. Singers can join this ensemble whenever they are available. The Parish Choir Dates for 2015-2016 are Sunday November 15 and April 3.

The Cranbrook Choristers

The Cranbrook Choristers, for boys and girls Grades 3 and up, is an ensemble that combines excellent musical training, leadership and teamwork, worship and fellowship. Choristers learn musical skills and theory through the curriculum of the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM). The early and thorough musical training of the RSCM curriculum has documented success stories in assisting children in fundamental life skills: self-confidence, problem solving, spatial reasoning, communication, creativity, and cooperation. The Cranbrook Choristers rehearse on Mondays (7-8:30 PM) and Thursdays (4-5:30 PM) and sing frequently in church. Choristers are welcome to come to the church immediately after school to work on homework and receive tutoring. Contact Christopher Wells for more information.

Saint Francis Children’s Choir

The St. Francis Choir is for all boys and girls from Kindergarten through Second Grade; consideration will be given to four-year-olds with parent participation. This is a musical enrichment experience in which participants learn basic singing and rhythm skills through varied activities and Bible-based songs. The development of the child’s singing voice will be a major focus of this choir. The St. Francis Choir sings for the 10:00 service several times during the church year. Additionally, the children will participate in a musical outreach event this year. Rehearsals are held immediately following the 10:00 service on most Sundays and last approximately thirty minutes. Contact Kate Bublitz, director, for more information,

Cranbrook Ringers

The Cranbrook Ringers are in the midst of being revitalized! Rehearsals for this ensemble will be on Wednesdays from 7-8 PM. Handbells are an excellent opportunity for those who are musically inclined (basic music reading skills are necessary!), but are not interested in singing. This group will ring in church several times throughout the year, in addition to taking their show on the road to local venues that might not otherwise be able to hear live music regularly. Contact Christopher Wells for more information.

Contemporary Music Ensemble

The Contemporary Music Ensemble is primarily responsible for leading music at the Saturday 5:00PM service. They support a broad repertoire of music reflecting the aesthetic of “Sanctuary.” This ensemble uses a variety of sources: Wonder, Love, and Praise and Lift Every Voice and Sing (alternative Episcopal hymnals), music from the Iona and Taizé communities, and others to inspire transformation. Contact Brian Leduc for more information at

The CCC Philharmonic

The CCC Philharmonic is a volunteer group of instrumentalists from within the parish. They have 1-2 rehearsals before playing in church. They add to the organ to accompany glorious hymn singing at the 10:00AM service. Since this is a new initiative, they will play just once for the 2015-2016 season. If you play an instrument, or are ready to dust off your childhood violin, mark your calendars for Sunday May 1, 2016. Contact Christopher Wells for more information.