Why I will attend the “Lamentation for the Forsaken” opening, Rector’s Forum, Pentecost Project and In-house Retreat on Spirit and Creation (and maybe you will, too)

By The Rev. Manisha Dostert

Last weekend, I was at church all weekend long. From Friday night to Sunday night, I participated in at least seven different events including a 5th grade lock-in, three worship services and two amazing talks from a world peacemaker and a transgender pastor.

I spent all that time at church, not because I work there, but because of two other very important reasons.

First, I believe that being Christian means God wants me to participate in the life of my congregation. The beloved community in which God has placed me is vital and active, and God wants me there to offer myself: my time, my presence, my thoughts, my service. Whatever I have, I have for the sake of the community.

Being Christian means one is actively involved in the life of the congregation. It’s the reason I will be at the art exhibition this weekend, I go religiously (ha!) to Rector’s Forum, and I will participate in the Pentecost Project Planting and the In-house Retreat during Pentecost. I am part of the body of Christ, and whatever the body is doing, I am doing it, too. If I am not participating in the body, I am like a broken limb, incapable of carrying my weight and of no good to myself or to anybody else until I am healed.

Second, I go to these events because God has a way of transforming me —sometimes in small ways, sometimes in surprising ways. And frankly, I don’t want to miss any opportunities to live my life to the fullest. This is what God offers me when I am open to experiencing new things.

So, I go. I go for my community, and I go for myself. I go to give myself away and to rediscover myself. I go because God has a way of using ordinary experiences like church events to change people like you and me.

I hope to see you there.