Hurricane Harvey Mission: Relief Assistance Update

By Stephanie Caponigro

The Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him.

– Romans 8:27-28

A few short months ago, we provided an update on the Hurricane Harvey Mission, one of our church’s ten Community Partners. Our Hurricane Harvey Mission leadership team had just met with the San Mateo ministry leaders and parish community and learned much about this joyful, welcoming parish.  We learned that since most of the parishioners were renters, the hands-on relief related projects we had hoped for were more in the hands of landlords hiring commercial contractors than tenants in need of volunteers.  Although we were able to provide immediate help and relief with $55,000 in much needed funds for food, shelter, clothing and transportation, this left us without a clear path to follow in terms of putting hands to work.  We entered into a period of uncomfortable patience and, along with our new friends in Houston, we lifted up our quandary to God to show us the way.

We are happy to report that opportunities are emerging as there is plenty of work to be done at San Mateo parish, well-located in a community with great needs for a largely Hispanic population.  Christ Church Cranbrook will be putting hands to work for our brothers and sisters in Houston and we will issue a more detailed “call to action” in the weeks ahead.

Our work has already begun – with our future! The youth of Christ Church Cranbrook are currently in Houston for a mission trip to help people all over Houston. They will visit the people of San Mateo to break bread with their youth and help them prepare for VBS and whatever else they are called to do. Please pray for their safe return on June 30. This opportunity with San Mateo opens a wider lens in understanding the needs of others and reflects our core values, and the purpose of Mission and Outreach. Beyond Detroit, yet not the Dominican Republic, it is a new and different project to help others. This expanded involvement helps share our vision to expand our scope of work into new regions and with diverse and sometime complex needs.

In the meantime, together let us pray that God will bless and keep our friends in and around Iglesia Episcopal San Mateo, guide our discernment on how we may best serve, and fill our leadership team with the power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Pictured Above: Our June 2018 youth mission trip CCC participants at Iglesia Episcopal San Mateo.

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