WANTED: Adults who LOVE God, Bible Stories and Kids!

By Kate Bell Director of Children’s Ministry.

A question that people like to ask me is, “Why are you in children’s ministry?” My first answer is, “God called, and it feels like this is where I am supposed to be”. That’s in parallel to loving kids (and their families) and exploring Bible stories through their eyes.   Just this week, I had the honor of witnessing one preschooler explaining to another why it’s sad that Jesus died on the cross, but why it’s also happy. She also told the class that we need to be like Jesus because he loves us. So true, and at 4 years old.  

It’s beautiful to watch this community grow in curious, diverse and fulfilling ways – and to hear how a kid sees God or hold the hand of a child who is finding their way, is a gift.  

A wonderful teacher named Mary Chhuani wrote: “Teaching in Sunday school is one of the greatest opportunities in the world to serve God because it is a life-changing process.  But with that opportunity come responsibility. Teaching Sunday school is different from most teaching.  It involves a spiritual curriculum, the Bible; it involves the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20); it involves a life that is transforming, a supernatural unction, God’s calling and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, the role of a Sunday school teacher is not just an instructor but also the responsibility for the spiritual welfare of the students.  It has a much broader task than just communicating biblical truth.”  AND – it’s fun! 

At Christ Church Cranbrook, we share God’s love and message with Godly Play – a Montessori approach to teaching. It may look a little intimidating from the outside, but once you take that step of faith, cross the threshold, knowing God is present, it’s an amazing journey.  I challenge you to consider this ministry and join in on the experience. 

Our older Elementary kids are given a glorious gift of their own Bible. As a teacher in this age group, the leaders are also able to dive a little deeper, explore a little more and grow in only ways that God knows. 

There’s a place for you – or someone you know – to be a guide, to be a story teller, to connect with the future of our church and the world.  I’m looking for more teachers/leaders/adults to be part of the Children’s Ministry Sunday School program – I’m praying activity for our group to grow to meet the needs of the little ones in this big world.