Spiritual Autobiography Begins March 13

By The Rev Chris Harris

I will never forget what a long -time member of the church said to me after I invited her to the adult formation series we call, “Spiritual Autobiography.”  She shook her head and said, “Chris, now why would I possibly go to such a class? I am not on a ‘spiritual journey’ — I was BORN in the Episcopal Church!”  Thankfully, I was able to convince her to give it a try anyway and see if the experience might surprise her.  To her credit she did, and it was a revelation.  So powerful in fact that the small group which began as a 5-week series in Lent several years ago, continues to meet to this day!  She learned the truth that we are all on a spiritual journey of some kind, whether we realize it or not.   Moreover, the very process of reflecting on our faith story can itself become an encounter with God as we discover and come to a greater understanding of how God has been at work in our lives – often without us even realizing it.  And she discovered that when fellow pilgrims discover and share their stories in a small group, a special bond of trust and friendship can develop that can be extraordinarily life-giving. 


Unlike a typical autobiography that often focus on our education, career or major accomplishments, the story of our faith journey isn’t really about us at all.  A Spiritual Autobiography is about how God has worked in our life through the events and the people who have been a part of it.  As Paula D’Arcy says, “God comes to us disguised as our life.”  The process of writing and sharing your spiritual journey is about discovering where that has been true for you.


So join us for 5 weeks in Lent beginning March 13 at 6pm in the Hospitality Center as we share our stories and as we rediscover God’s story.