Growing in Faith to Help our Future

By Mollie Proctor, Campaign Leadership Committee Co-chair

I vividly remember my visits as a child to Christ Church Cranbrook with my grandparents. It was a special weekend when I could spend the night at their house in the “blue room” with the panoramic view of Wing Lake. Sunday we would come to church to worship and kneel on these incredible red kneeling pads ~ they were like no other!

I was a little person back then and Christ Church Cranbrook appeared and felt large, looming and majestic. It was and still is . . . But I have grown up these many years and, well, so has the church. Christ Church Cranbrook has grown its expansive outreach programs and hosts many events for the parish and the wider community. We now have an Early Childhood Development Center, dearly named Little Lambs, which fulfills our mission to serve the youngest among us. The halls and classrooms are bustling throughout the week with groups of people doing God’s work and growing in community and faith. The children and youth population has blossomed with energizing programs, activities and choirs for all ages.

This tremendous liveliness needs viable and useful space now and for the future. The space that I thought majestic as a child has become too tight for the growing body of Christ Church Cranbrook. I experience this when we try to fit eighteen people in to the conference room for an Investment Committee meeting. Or, after a funeral as we try to gracefully serve refreshments to grieving friends and family who are shoulder to shoulder with each other in our currently available space.

From Our Founding to Our Future is a church-wide event and seeks everyone’s participation. This is an invitation to each of us to embrace our need to accommodate the programs we have in place and anticipate the needs of our future; an invitation to be part of the larger whole; to come together with fellow parishioners to make, as our founders did in the past, an extraordinary opportunity a reality.

As Co-Chair of the Campaign Leadership Committee I want to thank you in advance for learning more about our campaign From Our Founding to Our Future. We have a fabulous group of fellow parishioners on the committee who will be calling on and are available to you for the duration of the campaign. And, do not hesitate to grab my attention at church or give me a call at any time.

In closing, I ask you to please Pray, Participate and Pledge so that come September 29th we can thank each other for a job well done and celebrate the future together.