URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Public Worship & Meetings Moving Online

Dear Ones,

Earlier today, Bishop Bonnie Perry instructed all Episcopal Churches in our Diocese to refrain from public worship and large public gatherings for the remainder of Lent (until Palm Sunday, April 5) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Her direction follows guidelines established by Governor Whitmer and the scientific community.

We believe her leadership is wise and comes at a pivotal time. Creating this space will slow the spread of the virus and keep the health care system from being overwhelmed. The purpose of these measures is to protect the most vulnerable in our communities. 

We therefore are making the following changes regarding our worship and meetings:


We will be providing online “virtual worship” from the comfort of your home at our “Church at Home” page (click here), where you can download bulletins, submit real-time prayer requests, make your weekly offering, volunteer to serve and more.

This weekend we will be broadcasting ALL of our usual worship times online:

  • Saturday 5 PM (accompanied by soloist and instrumentalist)

  • Sunday 8 AM (said Service of Morning Prayer with organ prelude and postlude)

  • Sunday 10 AM (accompanied by a small choir)

Please note, the funeral for Peter Bassett, along with future funerals, will take place as originally scheduled.

Staying connected

In addition to visiting our Church at Home page, we also encourage you to join our “Church at Home” Facebook Group, where you can stay connected, share prayers and reach out to one another. You can join this group here.

Meetings & Large Events

  • We are postponing this weekend’s Sacred Jazz Concerts. 

  • We are closing the church to outside groups and large gatherings.

  • We have created a special Zoom account so that ministries and committees can hold virtual meetings. 

Church offices will remain open. However, please consider the urgency of your matter and whether your business can be handled online or over the phone. Our staff will be working hard to make it possible for everyone to stay in touch. As we implement these changes, please contact our offices to receive the help you need.

I remain grateful for my clergy, colleagues, and staff who have helped me make these important changes so that we remain connected together in Christ. May our Lord protect us and heal those who are sick as we walk together in faith.

Please let me close again with a prayer that I invite you to say at home as we let the Spirit close the physical distance we have from each other:

Loving God, we pray for those who are sick and their loved ones, and for those who have died because of this virus. 
We pray for those who are oppressed by fear and for those who are losing the income that sustains them.  
We pray for all those who offer care and support to those who are sick. 
We pray for those in the medical, scientific, research and pharmaceutical communities devoting their time and talent to counteract this pandemic. 
We pray for all our elected officials and all those who hold the common trust that their wisdom and compassion will increase. 
Finally, we place our unshakeable need in you, our unshakable God. 
Be our consolation during these anxiety-producing times, in the name of Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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