Witnessing Generosity

By Charlie Foster

My experience started at the beginning of the quarantine. My school was shut down in the middle of March and I had so much free time on my hands I had no clue what to do with it. My mother gave me the wonderful idea to reach out to the church and see if I could help out in any way. Kellie responded and told me about the Micah 6 organization. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping lower income families in areas such as Detroit and Pontiac. My first day volunteering there, me and 3 other people packed around 250 bags of fresh produce to distribute to these families.

I was just shocked by the dedication and generosity God gifted these amazing workers with. It was a remarkable experience and a great way for a person who is low risk like myself to help out during a time of crisis. While I was working I had the terrific opportunity to talk with one of the directors of the program. She had moved to Pontiac in 2012 directly after finishing college to devote her life to helping those in need. I am currently a senior in high school and I am leaving for college next summer with absolutely no idea on which career path I want to pursue. Hearing how a college student not much older than me at the time found her calling from God left me speechless. She took a risk with no indication that she would be successful in the path she chose, and it paid off. When I try to put myself in her shoes it terrifies me, but it has made me realize that sometimes the only thing we need is faith.

My intention of volunteering was to help others less fortunate than myself, but in doing so I met amazing people who will affect me for as long as I am on this Earth. I hope I can carry on to live my life as generously as she did no matter what path I may choose in the future.