By Lynda Hojnacki

Being 74-years-old and maneuvering through a pandemic with limited and safe exposure, I find moments that bring me great joy.
On Sunday, October 11th, my husband and I and our daughter and 3 children dressed up for Halloween an d ventured out to Greenfield village for their Halloween Night. We were graced with beautiful weather during the day and evening. Greenfield Village did everything in a very safe manor. We had a designated time to enter the village with the protocol of wearing masks and keeping 6 feet apart from others. It was the first time doing anything like this for months, so it was quite a thrill for all of us.

One moment stands out for me. My 5 year old daughter loves the carousel and wanted to go on the carousel. I also love going on a carousel. We waited our turn with our masks on and our hands sanitized while they wiped down each animal and pole. We felt quite safe. It was fun picking out our animal and enjoying the ride with the the music from the calliope and skeletons surrounding it.

It was a moment of pure joy to spend this time with my granddaughter… A real blessing, A gift from God.

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