Making Christ King

By Fr. Chris Harris, Associate Rector

This weekend is the Feast of Christ the King, a day in which we celebrate the rule of Christ over our lives.  It also happens to be our “In-Gathering Weekend” when we celebrate and bless the financial commitment – or pledges – which our members make to support God’s mission and ministry through our church home in the year to come.  The coincidence of the two celebrations falling on the same weekend could not be more appropriate as giving in a committed, intentional and regular way, is perhaps the most powerful outward and visible sign of our committed, intentional and regular trust in God.

Think about it, with all of the unknowns we are facing in the world right now –the economy, our health, our children’s schooling, stock market surprises, our ailing parents, the arrival of a vaccine, continued political divisions, and the list goes on and on (and I’ll stop right there before I give anyone reading this and anxiety attack) – I cannot blame anyone who might find themselves frozen by fear, and wary of any financial commitments about the future.  But here’s the good news:  Uncertain times are actually holy opportunities to crown Christ as King over our lives.  Making a pledge to the mission and ministry of God in the face of so many unknowns, is one of the strongest statements we could make about our faith and trust in God.  It’s a powerful act of rebellion against a culture of scarcity and self-centeredness, which preaches endless that our desires and our needs come first.  Giving in committed, ongoing way, is how we free ourselves from the grip of fear and anxiety, and say to ourselves and the world, “I’m not sure exactly how, but I know God has this!  I can let go of the wheel a bit, and can stop trying to manage or control the future.  God has this — and more importantly, God has me.”  Giving regularly through a financial pledge, like any other spiritual practice such as prayer or worship, is how we let go of our attempts to be Lord, and instead, place our lives in God’s hands, making Christ our true King.

And that is worth celebrating!

Won’t you join me?  Make your pledge today.

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