Special Project Committee For Campus Renovation – December 2020 Report

By Mollie Proctor, Congregational Communications co-chair

In 2017 Christ Church Cranbrook began envisioning a campus redevelopment project to address a variety of needs including increased multipurpose space, additional classrooms, increased accessibility and modernized facilities.  In 2019, a successful capital campaign, From Our Founding to Our Future, was completed and work on the project began that fall.  A Special Project Committee (SPC) was formed by the Vestry to oversee and facilitate the building project and to periodically report ton the congregation. Click here to read our last report in July 2020.  

Thanks be to God, despite the pandemic, our campus renovation project continues to build for the future and marches forward toward breaking ground in the new year.  The committee has been working diligently to ensure a smooth transition to the construction phase of the project.

The updated summary of our activities since we last reported is:

  • Pledges: Our Capital Campaign pledges continue to come in at a steady pace.
  • Plans: We will have the biddable architectural drawings complete and sent out to contractors interested in bidding on the project by the end of December.
  • Construction: General Contractor interviews will take place mid-January and a recommendation made to the Vestry.
  • Financing: Comerica Bank has been chosen as our bridge financing source and we are finalizing that contract.
  • Transition: The scheduled move of the administrative offices and Little Lambs to Temple Beth El is being planned.

As you can see, we are all working to cover the many tasks involved in this pre-construction phase. We have accomplished so much, and we have been so blessed to do this exciting work on behalf of the church!

Please plan to attend our Annual Meeting on January 24th.  Added to the agenda will be to get affirmation for our campus renovation before it goes to the Diocese for its blessing.  You will get more information on the logistic of the meeting as we continue to navigate this virtual world.

Have questions about the Capital Campaign project? Feel free to contact Steven Huprich, the Chair of the Special Project Committee, or any members of the Sub-committees to engage in further conversation.  

Click here for more information around the Special Projects Committee and its structure.

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