Fainting with Joy

Living out the fourfold vision in pandemic time

By Janice Lovchuk, Receptionist & Ministry Assistant

In the past several months, my 87 year old mom has received treatment in various medical centers for cancer. She has transitioned between hospitals, rehab facilities, and nursing homes to be moved into an assisted living facility.

During the time of this pandemic, I am so grateful for the support that CCC has given me and my family. One such item I am so thankful for is my mother’s CCC Prayer Shawl. The shawl has brought her comfort, especially during all of her moves.

In addition to the prayer shawl, the Pastoral Care team and Flower Guild coordinated efforts with me to deliver my mother flowers.  Recently, I brought her a poinsettia plant as organized by the Guild. My mom was thrilled, having loved the plants in the Church sanctuary. During a visit, a neighbor commented how magnificent the poinsettia was and how much she loved the plant. My mom proceeded to give her the poinsettia, stating it came from Christ Church Cranbrook.

My mom reported that her neighbor fainted with joy! In this moment, my mom experienced Joy in her act of Giving and Sharing the gifts she’s been given; her joy stems from witnessing the poinsettias travel from CCC to her own room to her neighbor’s room in the assisted living facility.

This Act made me think of a favorite quote by Maya Angelou:

“When we cast our bread upon the waters we can presume that someone downstream whose face we will never know will benefit from our action, as we who are downstream from another will profit from the grantor’s gift.”

This experience is a demonstration of how our CCC Mission is fulfilled and how Joy can be revealed in the most challenging of times. You never know how our small acts of kindness will be passed on to touch someone else’s life that we don’t know. It was a true example of how our service reveals JOY!

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