Special Project Committee: Campus Renovation Update May 2021

What is our Campus Redevelopment?

Following a detailed study and survey of the needs of the congregation and our existing facilities, it was determined that our campus and program space at Christ Church Cranbrook required expansion to meet the needs of a growing church. These identified needs were:  

1) Expand out multi-purpose gathering space (The Hospitality Center)

2) Expand classroom space 

3) Expand meeting space 

4) Increase security 

5) Make the church more accessible 

Thanks to your support of our recent Capital Campaign, From Our Founding to Our Future, we raised more than $10.7 million. Work has now begun and is expected to be completed sometime in 2023.

This is an exciting time in the life of the Church and we want to show you some of the activity that is taking place on campus.

Where are the clergy and staff during construction?

In February, the Administrative staff and Little Lambs moved to Temple Beth El where they will reside for the duration of the construction project. A strict COVID protocol is in place in the new offices. Amidst a busy spring program, they have moved in successfully albeit with a few remaining boxes to unpack.

Once everyone had vacated the program area, construction (or “destruction”) began on the interior of the building, and the windows were removed to be replaced at a later date. All construction areas of the building are barricaded off as hard hat areas. Only the sanctuary and the Guild Hall area are accessible to us.

On Palm Sunday the Church opened for limited in-person services, and we are joyful to have the opportunity to welcome all back to worship. Services are being held outside when the weather permits, including Easter morning when many celebrated the risen Lord out on the front lawn.

What is the progress achieved to date?

As we said in the beginning, the construction is now visually present. Most of the reformation of the program area is taking place on the Cranbrook Road side of the building, expanding the administrative space and Little Lambs. The wall has been torn down for access to the area and the excavator is hard at work.

There are also many other activities going on inside the building to reconfigure and upgrade the infrastructure. But that is not nearly as exciting to view ~ electrical wires, etc.

Thanks to everyone who is involved in implementing this monumental process. We have a dedicated group of leaders who are faithful to the vision of this parish. Feel free to contact Steven Huprich, the Chair of the Special Project Committee, or any other members of the Sub-committees to engage in further conversation.  Click here for more information about the Special Projects Committee and its structure.

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