Special Project Committee: Campus Renovation Update September 2021

Construction Progress To Date:

During our Kick-off weekend, Father Bill gave tours of our construction progress to date. To watch the tour, click the video below. It was so exciting to be able to enter into the construction area and to see the progress firsthand inside the building. We’re looking forward to all the progress coming in the next few months. See below for additional photos and more information about this project.


Alongside the tour, the roof substructure on the south building renovation is complete.

Additionally, the exterior and interior wall framing is nearing completion.

Our Campus Redevelopment Plan

Our congregation came together a few years ago to identify the needs for our campus. 

These identified needs were:  

1) Expand out multi-purpose gathering space (The Hospitality Center)

2) Expand classroom space 

3) Expand meeting space 

4) Increase security 

5) Make the church more accessible 

Through your faithful generosity for our recent Capital Campaign, From Our Founding to Our Future, and God’s unfailing love, we have steadily made progress on our campus redevelopment project. Thanks to your help, we hope to have the exterior of our new administration building completed by the end of this Fall, and we look forward to a grand reopening on Founders Day, 2022. 

Want to learn more about the Capital Campaign and Campus Redevelopment Project? You can read about our redevelopment plan and contact us here

Have you already pledged toward the Capital Campaign? If yes, please know that the fulfillment of your pledge reduces the cost of this project. If you fulfill your pledge on schedule and even ahead of time, we will borrow money later and pay less for our bridge financing,  thereby lowering the cost of the project. If you’re interested in pledging toward the Capital Campaign, you can click here.

Thank you for your generous support for this crucial project, which will ensure that we can fulfill our mission better now and in the future.

We have a dedicated group of leaders who are faithful to the vision of this parish. Feel free to contact Steven Huprich, the Chair of the Special Project Committee, or any other members of the Sub-committees to engage in further conversation.  Click here for more information about the Special Projects Committee and its structure.

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