Moving Day with the Mirzas

By Frances Hammond

Moving day with the Mirzas was an amazing operation that speaks to the planning, expertise, strength, commitment, and love of the CCC family who miraculously acquired, delivered, and installed the necessary furniture and household goods for a family of 14. Furniture had to be carried, assembled, and repaired, sheets and towels laundered, helpers fed, and beds made. The can-do spirit and hard work of the move-in team of CCC volunteers were only rivaled by the depth of expertise – appliance repair, furniture assembly, moving and carrying extremely heavy and awkward items, and the leadership and preparation that made this all happen.

I was delighted to be a part of such a capable team and to work directly with this gorgeous family to help them create their home. We worked hand-in-hand – making the beds, cleaning, lifting, fixing. These are some of my heart memories from that day:

  • Making beds with the girls and seeing the delight in the faces of the youngest children when they put the Frozen and Spiderman comforters on their beds. 
  • Sharing life stories with Kellie in her truck while going to pick up furniture.
  • Tom’s steadfastness in constructing the bright red toddler car bed without power tools.
  • Albie wrestling with the dishwasher. He won.
  • Taking a moment for tea with Sydney, exhausted after manhandling mattresses into mattress covers.
  • Mr. Mirza at the end of the day, his open hand to his heart rotating gently in a gesture that expressed both welcome and gratitude. 

Hard to believe that I have known the Mirzas for only a week! Providing daily transportation to and from work for one of the family members gives me an opportunity to continue the connection and conversations begun on move-in day. I have learned (and can almost say) everyone’s name. Daily I learn a little more about each personality. It is a joy.

We are called to form relationships with the people that we serve, but I’m sometimes more comfortable taking on tasks. For whatever reason, I am drawn to this magnificent, accomplished, courageous, and hard-working family. We can continue to help them thrive, make their path easier, more joyful, and support them as they realize their dreams.

Many years ago, I was a fish out of water when I arrived in the U.S. My circumstances were very different from the Mirzas and not at all harrowing. Before I had personal transportation, everything was difficult, and the basic machinery of life in the U.S. was overwhelming for me. A person befriended me, providing ongoing guidance, know-how, and problem-solving support when I asked for it. Now, 42 years later, she is 96 years old. Our relationship has evolved and it endures.

We are still looking for some donations while our two families get settled in their home. If you’d like to help donate things like dining chairs, patio furniture, grills, etc please click this link to see what’s needed.

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