What’s New WITH Women’s Spirituality Group

By: Linda Ban

Open-minded • Intellectually curious • Loving, inclusive women seeking to refine their faith and become closer to God

These are but a few of the words members use to describe the Women’s Spirituality Group (WSG) at Christ Church Cranbrook. 

So, exactly what is WSG?

WSG is a group of open-minded women seeking to appreciate God in all aspects of our lives.  Over the years, this has taken many paths. In addition to book studies, WSG has explored spirituality through art, music, poetry, architecture, history, and even Shakespeare! As a group, WSG has explored issues ranging from how to maintain faith in tough situations, how to have difficult conversations, how to rejoice, grieve and forgive. We have collaborated with members of the Baptist, Buddhist and Jewish communities (just to name a few) to learn more about their faith, explore our similarities and understand our differences. We have become good friends in the process, with members returning to participate in meetings. With learnings from Covid and our move back to Christ Church Cranbrook, WSG will meet in person AND online. A few highlights for this coming year include:

  • Magical Music Tour (courtesy of our own Christopher Wells)
  • Name that Saint (Dr Isard returns!)
  • The Book of Revelation
  • Easter with Debie Thomas
  • Retreat with Pastor Arnita Taylor
  • …and more!

Beginning with the 2022-23 program year, WSG will meet the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 12:00 for an hour. The first Wednesday will be in person at CCC, and the third Wednesday will be via Zoom so we may remain connected to our more geographically dispersed members.

Want to learn more or participate? Please drop a note to Manisha Dostert at mdostert@christchurchcranbrook.org

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