Over a Club Sandwich

By Amy Stevenson


Where have I experienced “Space for grace?” It happened over a club sandwich.

I am a part of Christ Church Cranbrook’s “Women’s Spirituality Group” – a group for women who are looking to deepen their faith, and journey together. To stimulate conversation at a recent luncheon, Pastor Manisha suggested we each answer the questions: “Who in your family inspires you?” and “Who in your family is difficult?”

When it was my turn, I mentioned a family member who treats me unkindly and is convinced my missteps are motivated by malice. A wise tablemate remarked: “There is no grace extended to you!”

This situation pains me and causes tension in the family. I would prefer never to see this person again—but that’s not a realistic solution. This relationship is in desperate need of space for grace!

Pastor Manisha brought up mission trips. Mission trips are holy–and hard. We leave our homes and our comfort zones. We may travel far, to an unfamiliar place and experience discomfort. We undertake this difficult work because we follow the example of Jesus Christ to promote justice, peace, and love.

Manisha encouraged me to view visiting or hosting this relative as a “mission trip”, and acknowledge it will be hard and uncomfortable. It’s also an opportunity to sow union where there is discord. Wow—what a beautiful, brilliant suggestion!

Now, I’m not hopping on the next plane to go visit, but I feel hopeful. Through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit, peace and reconciliation can happen! I am so grateful for Manisha and my WSG sisters, who make our time together a “space for grace”.

I am increasing my pledge this year to support the work of the clergy, the mission of the church, and the flourishing of its many ministries, like the Women’s Spirituality Group. I give because I want to help all people find their way into the space for grace that I have found, and that we help make possible when we come together.


We invite everyone who considers Christ Church Cranbrook your spiritual home to consider making a pledge to support our mission and ministry in 2023. For more information or to make your pledge online, click here. For questions, please get in touch with Rev. Chris Harris at charris@christchurchcranbrook.org.

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