Small Act, Big Impact

By: Lauren Brooks

When someone does us a favor we often say “You’re a life saver”! It’s a phrase that is casually thrown around and certainly not taken literally. What if a small act of giving could save someone’s life? It can. It saved mine.

After numerous pregnancy and birthing difficulties, I found myself in the intensive care unit in the hospital two weeks after the birth of my first daughter. I had begun hemorrhaging and the doctor’s struggled to get it under control. Had the year been 1909 and not 2009 I would have died. I’m alive today because of the generosity of several blood donors. I’ll never know whos blood I received, but I’m forever grateful.

A few years ago I decided that I needed to give back. I at least felt I needed to give back the several pints that I had so desperately needed. I have found over the years that giving blood is a simple process and I actually look forward to it! Fun fact: your body produces 2 million new red blood cells each second! The pint that you donate (about 10% of all your blood) is regenerated within two weeks. Please consider signing up to donate blood. It’s a small act of kindness that can have a major impact. It is truly a blessing and a gift to both give and receive. You may even save a life.

This summer, CCC is hosting a blood drive on June 6, in partnership with the Versiti Blood Center. Appointment times will be available throughout the day. Giving blood is truly the smallest thing we can do, with the greatest impact!

To reserve a slot on June 6, Sign-Up at  www.ccc-info.org/Drive. 

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  1. Lauren, what a wonderful letter and in such an important cause. I myself organised blood drives at Cranbrook schools for over 20 years, and loved seeing students step up to the plate(lets). Sadly, I am now taking a blood thinner and am no longer allowed to donate. If you are looking for volunteer receptionists, I am free 2 to 5 that afternoon. Bless your enthusiastic spirit.

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