There are several ways to get connected in community life here at Christ Church Cranbrook. Because this place is alive with the very presence of Christ, we have a weekly newsletter to keep you abreast of events and opportunities to help you discern how you’ll be connected to the life of the Spirit here at CCC.  The Take it Home, the newsletter that is included in your weekly service leaflet and comes to all of our email subscribers can always be viewed here.


To further help you in your work of discerning how to faithfully connect, this page contains a list of key dates to bear in mind:


Do as much or as little as you like. There are no “requirements” for being part of this community of faith. If you wish to be baptized or confirmed, or to transfer your membership from another Episcopal parish, we’d love for you to do so. But it’s not required. Everything we do, everything we offer, is open to all, and is a great way to connect, regardless of whether you are a “member” of this church. If you’re here, you belong.


The best way to know what is happening at CCC is to subscribe to our weekly newsletter, The Communicant.