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Finding My Purpose

The search for meaning and purpose is not a one-time event or decision.  It’s not something we can order up with the latest app or ‘how-to’ seminar.  Nor does it need to be some big, earth-shattering plan.  For Christians the search for meaning and purpose is a life-long journey of learning to listen to the Holy Spirit, and discerning how and where God is calling us to offer our unique gifts to the world, building God’s kingdom of love.  In short, it’s about finding our place in the Body of Christ.

And where is that place?  As the American theologian Frederick Buechner famously described it, God calls us to the place where our deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

Finding our life purpose is an invitation to a journey of discovering who we are, how God has gifted us, and where we are being called us to give ourselves away.  It’s about trial and error.  Taking risks and leaving our comfort zones.  And like any good road trip, it’s a journey best taken with a group of fellow travelers.  Those who will be there to support us along the way, call us back when we get lost, encourage us when we want to stop, challenge us when we need it and celebrate our eventual arrival.

If you would like to join an ongoing small group of fellow travelers to support and encourage you in your journey of discovering and responding to God’s call, email Fr. Chris.

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