Our vision helps us answer two related questions: “who we are?” and “what we hope to achieve?” Here is our answer:

God has called us to live according to a fourfold vision: Meeting Jesus, Finding Joy, Sharing Beauty, and Serving Others.

These activities might seem different from each other, but we believe that each needs the other to be truly fulfilled.

We meet Jesus when we discover the joy that meeting him brings, the beauty he reveals, and the ways we are called to serve others as he does.

We find true joy when we meet Jesus, experience beauty, and find the perfect freedom there is in joyfully serving others.

We share in beauty when we see all the ways meeting Jesus, finding joy, and serving others bring out what is truly beautiful in ourselves and others.

We truly serve others when our service reveals joy, beauty, and Jesus. For Jesus is the model of all loving service, liberating joy, and transfiguring beauty.

Our goal is for as many people as possible to participate as much as possible in each and all of these activities. Here are some ways you can participate: Grow, Events


The following values answer the question, “what do we stand for?” Here is our answer:

Joyful: Celebrate in our vibrant fellowship in the life we share.

Rooted: Encourage a spiritual life that makes time for prayer and worship.

Faithful: Offer opportunities for education, transformation, and ministry to all age groups.

Loving: Engage in abundant and meaningful mission and outreach.

Collaborative: Work together and include others.

Reconciling: Work for justice and peace among all people.

Transparent: Be open about what we are doing, and what is happening.

Welcoming: Provide inclusive hospitality and loving pastoral care.

Empowering: Lift up diverse ministries and courageous Christian leadership.
Generous: Advance our mission by practicing Christ-centered stewardship and giving.