How To Serve During the Pandemic

Our mutual call to love and serve the world faces particular challenges in a time of sheltering in place.

Here are a variety of ways in which you can serve from home and in the community that are needed and permitted under the current directives from the Governor and our Bishop.


Praying carefully and with purpose will not only add to the prayers of the faithful gathering throughout the world, it will enrich your time sheltering at home. You can submit your own prayer requests here.

We have asked our community partners for what may we pray.  Here are their latest needs:

  • Baldwin Center: 
    • Pray for our staff, volunteers and clients that they may be safe and healthy as they continue to show up to help and in need of help.
    • Pray for guidance and wisdom for our agency leadership as we continue to make decisions which impact a lot of people and families.
  • Lighthouse of MI: Pray for our staff and emergency shelter clients’ health and safety.
  • Bound Together: 
    • Pray for our families, and for all of the families in need and anxiety right now in Pontiac;
    • Pray for our volunteers, who are willing to be vulnerable for the sake of those who are more vulnerable;
    • Pray for a sense of solace, peace and trust for all of us. Julian of Norwich, who said, “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well,” also reminded us that even in the smallest examples of creation God made it, God loves it, and God keeps it. If we can remember that, and remember that our work is to be God’s hands and feet, making that love visible: we’ll be okay, no matter what.
  • All Saints Episcopal Church: Pray that a spirit of true hospitality come to abide in the hearts of our volunteers and team leaders so that the only the only motivation for the hospitality for which we are striving is kindness and remembering Jesus abides in the poor and homeless and we are serving.
  • Micah 6: Pray for families in our neighborhood who are under stress, under more stress now than in a while. There was a domestic violence call first responders came. And one neighbor died of an overdose.
  • Oakland County Jail:  Pray this daily calendar for all of those in the jail.

Each day, the Christ Church Cranbrook Prayer Team commits to pray the daily requests we receive.  The Prayer Team meets virtually each week to work on growing their work of prayer.  If you are interested contact Pastor Manisha.

Add your petitions, share with friends, and pray for those listed:

    • Mondays: People who are sheltering at home
    • Tuesdays: People on the the front line
    • Wednesdays: The vulnerable populations
    • Thursdays: Thanksgiving Thursday!
    • Fridays: Financial impact of COVID-19
    • Saturdays: Children and Youth
    • Sundays: Add your own prayers
    • Every day: Those who are ill or have died.

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Start your day with Morning Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer, a communal service in which we pray the psalms, read Scripture together, and offer prayers for our church and the world. No Prayer Book needed! We’ll use the online service at this site. Questions? Email Nathan Costa

Duration: 30 minutes

Join us on Zoom!

  • Meeting ID: 538 119 149
  • To join the video conference:
  • To join by phone: (312) 626-6799, then enter 538 119 149

Use the Washington National Cathedral prayer booklet to pray with people you know. There are prayers for all the occasions we may face during this pandemic.

Donate Items!

Our Pontiac Community Partners are in dire need of items ranging from peanut butter and pasta to the ever-scarce toilet paper.

Create safe snack bags for medical staff at Harper Hospital Detroit, DMC (cRNA units) and Henry Ford Health System South Market (Detroit)

With mask and gloves on, in a new paper bag, place items like

  • Protein Bars, Energy Bars, Granola Bars
  • Snacks: pretzels, chips, veggie chips, dried fruit, nuts, jerky, cheese and peanut butter crackers, goldfish, etc
  • Sweet Snacks:  Rice Krispie Treats, Mini-muffins, Candy Bars, cookie packs, etc.
  • Bottled Beverage: Water or Gatorade, etc.
  • Encouraging note from you

Drop off is in Birmingham.

Here are the complete directions.

Questions? email Pastor Manisha.


Urgent needs: Mac n Cheese, cereal, pasta and sauce.

46156 Woodward Avenue – DOOR D | Website

Urgent needs: Toilet paper, bleach, laundry detergent, soap, and hand sanitizer.

221 Baldwin -place items on back deck  | Website

Urgent needs: Bottled water, brown bags, individually bagged snacks, and packaged lunch meat.

212 Baldwin Ave. (MWF, 9 AM – 3 PM) | Website

NEW:  People in Pontiac need toiletries, basic hygiene products, underwear and socks.   You can purchase online and have it shipped to All Saints Episcopal Church in Pontiac who will distribute.

All Saints needs 30-40 loaves of bread each week and the bakery that donated them has closed.  Please let Pastor Manisha know if you can provide on Thursdays.


Believe it or not, there are things you can do from home and some things that require venturing out.  Governor Whitmer has made exceptions to allow people to volunteer at non-profits “that provide food, shelter, and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise needy individuals.”

Micah 6 needs help working in the gardens. They are behind schedule on that, and maintaining their own ability to produce food is vital to the support that they give their community. Food production is one of the exemptions to the stay at home orders, and the gardens are large enough that people can maintain social distance while working in them.

All ages and abilities are welcome.

Wear work clothes and bring your own gloves.

We are committing to help every Saturday from 10am-1pmFor more information and to sign up, click here.


Over 150 people eat breakfast at All Saints on Saturday.  With the new mandate, this has become a take-out meal.

Thursdays: 4 people hard-boil eggs and prepare food

Fridays: 4 people package the meals

Saturdays: 4 people set up, distribute meals and take down.

We need volunteers, aged 18 to 65.  Please sign up for any shift here.


These teams need help in this moment. Join one or as many as you would like:

We had to cancel the blood drive at our church and the need is profound.  Visit the American Red Cross website and pick a time to donate blood. They are working hard to keep social distance for all donors.

If you are willing to pick up food, supplies and meds for our most vulnerable population, help is needed! Email Jill Bednas

Soon:  Be a driver for Lighthouse of MI and deliver food boxes to families by leaving on their front porch.  If interested,  Email Manisha Dostert

Volunteer at Baldwin Center to put together bagged take-out lunches and package other food for distribution for their needy or homeless clients.

Help is needed  on Fridays from 9 am-12 noon.  Volunteers should be 16 years to 65 years old with no underlying conditions.  If you feel called to serve, due to constantly changing conditions email Pastor Manisha  to confirm.

Christ Church Cranbrook also is supporting our community partners financially, which continues to be their greatest need as they rely more heavily on paid staff.  We have released $30,000 from our Mission and Outreach budget to send for immediate financial relief to our Community Partners.  We are also providing lunch from a local deli for the 200 people at Baldwin Center on Monday, Apr 6.