The 2019 Sacred Jazz Concert | March 1st 2019 at 7pm

By Christopher Wells, Director of Music

The 2018 Sacred Concert, featuring music by Duke Ellingington, was an epic success! How could be top that in 2019? We are pairing up this year again with The Christ Church Choir, Rodney Whitaker, a large jazz band, and Detroit’s own Chi Amen-Ra and his troupe of percussionists and dancers.

The concert will roughly follows the order of service, with a Prelude, Song of Praise, interspersed hymns, “service music” from Bob Chilcott’s Jazz Mass (Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus), and a tour de force closing song for band, drums, stomp, choir, and synchronized clapping that will sure to rival any of the 2019 Ellington fireworks! The “Offertory” is a new work, composed and produced by Chi Amen-Ra, and will set this concert apart as a fully staged and electrifying production.

That this concert is even taking place is a gift from God.  It is in many ways a miracle that Chi Amen-Ra and his percussionist band is collaborating with The Christ Church Choir, backed by the extraordinary musicians in The Rodney Whitaker Ensemble. It tells a story of performers from the most diverse backgrounds coming together to make a difference in our community.  Fr. Danaher, speaking to the congregation last year after the 2018 Sacred Concert “I never want to chastise you for missing something…BUT…you should have been here last night! It was the most amazing concert!” This years’ concert is sure to be just as powerful!

The free-will offering this year will benefit Micah 6, one of Christ Church’s outreach partners. Micah 6 is an outreach organization that supports urban neighborhoods through improving housing, health/wellness, and spiritual development.