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Christopher’s Sabbatical Reflection

Church employees, ironically, are notorious for not taking a weekly sabbath day. For better or worse, I am no exception in honoring the Fifth Commandment. But I learned in my former post that not only do I need sabbath,

A Message from Rob Lehman

What a wonderful time this has been! While I have been at Christ Church Cranbrook for only three months as Visiting Director of Music, the people here have made a lasting impression on me. In forty years of full-time

How Simple Acts of Love Cause Lasting Change: Let Love Grow at Sanctum House!

By Tim Miller

Having spent most of my career in advertising and marketing communications, I am no stranger to branding issues, product naming, and theme development (think “Mad Men” without the glamour and a lot of hard work!). Weeks, months,

Why Might an Adult be “Confirmed” or “Re-Confirmed”?

By Rev. Chris Harris

Bishop Bonnie Perry will be at Christ Church Cranbrook on Sunday, June 4, to offer Adults and Teens alike the opportunity to be Confirmed. What does that mean? Why might I, as

New Theologian in Residence: Christopher Bryan

It is with great joy that we announce Christopher Bryan as our newest Theologian in Residence at Christ Church Cranbrook. He will lead the 9 AM Forum on Sunday, May 14, which is Mother’s Day, and also

The Altar Guild: A Ministry of Beauty and Holiness

If you enjoy worship at Christ Church Cranbrook, you have probably noticed the beauty and order of the altar, the vestments, the vessels, and the linens. You may have wondered how it all comes together. The answer

Holy Week’s 3-Day Service

By Rev. Chris Harris

Holy Week is an opportunity to walk alongside Jesus and experience his Passion, Death, and Resurrection over the course of a single, 3-Day service.

Like all great trilogies, each installment has

Let Love Grow!

By Roxanne Perry

What a beautiful thought as we approach Easter and Spring in Michigan: Let Love Grow!  

I recently accepted the Coordinator position for Mission and Outreach here at Christ Church Cranbrook. At the

Trans-Formations of One Kind and Another

By Eric Linder

I read this week in a daily blog I follow (Letters From An American, By Dr. Heather Cox Richardson) an article about transgender longings or surgical decisions about those longings. The writer, a scholar of 19th and

How to Walk the Labyrinth at CCC

(Tuesday nights in Lent we will be offering Labyrinth Walks in the Atrium at Christ Church Cranbrook. It will be open from 6:30 PM to 8 PM every Tuesday in March — you can come any time. Give