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St. Dunstan’s Organ Celebrations

By Christopher Wells, Joe Balistreri, and Christa Albrecht

We celebrated the wonderful new organ in St. Dunstan’s last week and weekend. We give thanks to Simon Couture, Alain Goneau, Jens Peterson, and the entire crew at Casavant for their craftsmanship and

Do you know your Spiritual Gifts?

By Rev. Chris Harris


Pentecost is coming on June 4!

Pentecost commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the followers of Jesus as recorded in the Book of Acts. (Acts 2:1–31) The annual

Why offer a class on Bible & Cinema?

By Don Warwick

The Journey from Courtroom to Seminary – and back!

I am an attorney, representing major hospital systems and physicians. I’ve spent my professional life, arguing in courtrooms. But if I am being completely honest

Mission Update from Ukraine

Tomorrow, our mission team will be leaving the supplies we’re providing in Ukraine including hygiene products, food, medical supplies, and more. Tomorrow is also the day a group of 19 children and 14 mothers will evacuate from the hospital.

What A Difference 4 Years Makes!

By Tim Miller

In May of 2018, we first arrived at the recently-founded Sanctum House residence. While the building itself was in relatively good shape, the grounds looked pretty sad, to say the least. What little

Want to throw a little party?

Want To Throw A Little Party?
With Spring upon us, we thought it was time to create some opportunities to gather and have some fun this summer at Christ Church Cranbrook – and we are looking for some hosts! This

How to become an Episcopalian?

By Rev. Chris Harris, Associate Rector

While anyone from any denomination (or no denomination) is welcome and encouraged to become a member of Christ Church Cranbrook at any time – using this form here

The Tridu-what??

By Fr. Chris Harris

Experience the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus in a Single, 3-Day Service

Fans of the Star Wars or Lord of the Rings trilogies will tell you that while each installment is essential to the

Moving Day with the Mirzas

By Frances Hammond

Moving day with the Mirzas was an amazing operation that speaks to the planning, expertise, strength, commitment, and love of the CCC family who miraculously acquired, delivered, and installed the necessary furniture and household goods for a

Wrapped in God’s Love

Wrapped in God’s Love: The Making of Christ Church Cranbrook Baptism Quilts

When a child is baptized at Christ Church Cranbrook, they receive numerous gifts – a baptismal cloth the priest blotted their forehead with when they are