Outdoor Worship Returns Palm Sunday Weekend

By Rev. Chris Harris

We are delighted to announce that we will be offering outdoor, in-person worship services once again!  Beginning March 27/28Palm Sunday Weekend – Christ Church Cranbrook will

What’s the difference between All Souls’ and All Saints’ Day?

By Nathan Costa, Assistant Director of Music & Liturgist

Don’t forget to join us for two special online services for All Souls’ on November 1: an All Souls’ Congregational Evensong service at 5 PM and

Peace Is A Process

By Dani DeMello-Johnson

For Coffee Hour this past Sunday, I was asked to talk about peace.  Peace for me has been a process more than just a feeling or emotion at some point in time. To truly be

Join us for In-Person Services beginning the weekend of July 5

By the Rev. Dr. William J. Danaher, Jr., Rector

Dear Ones,

I am delighted to announce we are returning to in-person worship on July 4 and 5! Connected to this joyous announcement are a number of important details we are putting in

Experiencing Joy

By Aiden Neeper

Joy is rare, and to be treasured,  it can be found in situations we have faced at least a couple of times in our lives. One time I experienced joy so powerful, I remember it

Better Together! Invite a Friend to Church with a Facebook Watch Party

By the Rev. Chris Harris, Associate Rector

Last week I shared how our post-COVID ‘digital’ church has not only made it easy to invite people to church, but it’s made it even easier for your friends to say yes!  After

The Holy Triduum: Celebrating the Mystery of Easter

By Nathan Costa, Assistant Director of Music & Liturgist

The Holy Triduum (Latin, for “three days”) comprises the most important celebrations of the entire Christian calendar. These Three Days conclude our 40-day Lenten journey of “prayer, fasting, and

Springtime in Lent

By Nathan Costa, Assistant Director of Music & Liturgist

“Lent” is a word of Germanic origin, meaning “spring,” perhaps referring to the “lengthen”-ing of the days of that season. After our snow-enshrouded Ash Wednesday and last week’s change

Palms & Pancakes: All about Shrove Tuesday

By Nathan Costa, Assistant Director of Music & Liturgist

“Shrove Tuesday” is the name given to the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of liturgical season of Lent. The word “shrove” comes from an old English word meaning

Remembering Our Future

A sermon by Father Bill Danaher delivered at St. Stephen African Methodist Episcopal Church

To watch this sermon, click here

It is a profound blessing to be with you today on your Heritage Sunday. I am grateful