Pastoral Care

At the heart of the Pastoral Care Ministries of Christ Church Cranbrook is our mission as a church. Each time we reach out to the sick or to those who are grieving, we fulfill our purpose to “live out the faith” and “love all the people and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Following in the footsteps of Jesus, we are there for people who are in need, hurt or alone. We accompany them as they journey through a difficult life transition. We offer a listening ear, a comforting word, a tangible expression of God’s love. Whether we are bringing the Eucharist or flowers to someone dealing with a difficult life circumstance or we are serving at a funeral service reception, we reflect Christ’s loving heart and healing touch.

The Pastoral Care Ministries of the church offer parishioners a variety of ways to live out their faith and serve others, There is a great sense of fulfillment to be had in serving God through these ministries: Not only are we blessing others in very positive ways, we are also being blessed by God in our giving thereby satisfying our Fourfold Vision: of Meeting Jesus, Finding Joy, Sharing Beauty and Serving Others.