Ways to Give

Giving at Christ Church Cranbrook is rooted in the faith of Jesus Christ and in the joy to do God’s work in the world. There are many ways to give, big or small, and whether you want to make a pledge for an ongoing contribution or one-time donation. Whatever you choose to give, we welcome you to join CCC in helping transform our community by supporting this life-giving work.

A pledge is a spiritual commitment, a financial gift to support us as the body of Christ. Your pledge supports everything we do — from paying the salaries of our clergy to supporting our outreach ministries, our pastoral care, our worship, our educational programs, and our music. In order to know what we can do each year, we need pledge commitments to develop an annual budget. At CCC, every pledge, in any amount, makes a valued contribution to our mission and ministry. We ask each parishioner to prayerfully consider making a pledge that is both responsible and significant based on their financial situation.

Make your 2023 Annual Pledge now.

You are welcome to make a contribution to Christ Church Cranbrook at any time. Simply click the “Make a one-time gift” button to the right to access CCC’s secure, online donation portal and make a gift.

Your gift to the From Our Founding to Our Future campaign is a chance to participate in the generosity that God has shown you in your life and through this church. We understand that every family’s financial situation is different. Gifts and pledges may be paid over a fi­ve-year period, in order to allow everyone in our parish family to participate as fully as possible, while being flexible to individual circumstances.

Pledge to the From Our Founding to Our Future Capital Campaign now.

Christ Church Cranbrook welcomes grants, memorials, or other special philanthropic gifts to help carry out specific portions of our work.

Learn how to make a Special Gift.

How you can give

Stewardship Appeal or Capital Campaign: click on the “Pay my 2023 Stewardship Appeal” or “Pay my Capital Campaign Pledge” “Make a one-time gift” button to the right, which will take you to CCC’s third-party website, Realm. Learn more about Realm.

  • If you are a returning user: Log into your account, and clicking “Giving” on the left column, then click “+ Give” at the top of the page. From here, you can choose how much and often you would like to set as a recurring payment towards your annual pledge.
  • If you are new: Click “Register Now” at the bottom of the box. Enter in your email address and desired password. You will receive a confirmation email. Click the provided link, and then follow the steps for returning user once you have access your Realm portal.

Please note that any online donations made when you are not logged into your Realm account will NOT be counted toward your pledge. All pledgers are encouraged to sign up for an account so that CCC can track your online pledge payments.

Make a One-time Gift: Click the “Make a One-Time Gift” button to the right, and you will be directed to CCC’s third-party website, Realm. Enter your desired gift amount and email, and you will be prompted to provide your payment information.

You will receive an acknowledgment from the church, noting the amount you have pledged and thanking you for your contribution.

Stock that has increased in value is historically one of the most popular assets used for charitable giving and even paying pledges, once it has been held for a minimum of a year. When the assets are transferred directly to CCC, you receive credit for the full fair market value of the asset and avoid the capital gain taxes. Contact Gina Morgan if you are interested in pursuing this option.

You can continue your legacy, as so many have before you, by leaving a gift to Christ Church Cranbrook in your will or by making another type of planned gift. Gifts to CCC come in all sizes and from many different types of people. Your legacy to CCC can carry on good works for years to come.

Learn more about Planned Giving.

All gifts to Christ Church Cranbrook are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by law. For legal and tax advice, donors are asked to contact their attorneys, accountants, or financial advisors. For more information or questions on how to make a pledge, please contact Gina Morgan, Director of Finance and Administration.


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