Summer 2021 will be another curious summer!
Please know we are working hard to create program opportunities for all children, youth and families.
Check back to this website often for updates as well as our linktree.

Look for last-minute pop-up adventures, moments, etc…
as the Spirit moves us.

Peace, always:
Kate, Kellie, and Father Bill

Summer Programs

August 1 through 6

This week-long event happens the first week in August and is open to middle and high school youth. We will travel to Detroit and stay in a church or retreat center while learning about and serving the people of Detroit. We will spend time with our community partners in Detroit and explore different populations that we can help.

AUGUST 23-27 | 9 AM – 12 PM | Christ Church Cranbrook & Cranbrook Educational Community

Registration for both participants and volunteers is now available!


Vacation Bible School (VBS) at Christ Church Cranbrook (CCC) this year will be like none other!

4-year-olds – 5th graders will be able to explore forests, trees, and the roles they play in our lives; learn to identify various trees; create with wood; play active group games; encounter key sacred stories featuring trees; and sing new songs.

Due to concerns about COVID-19 and CDC guidelines, this program will be held 100% outdoors (weather permitting). We will also continue to wear masks, practice social distancing, and stay home if not well, in order for this program to be as safe as possible.

*Rising 5th Graders have an amazing opportunity to be junior leaders – they are placed with groups of younger kids to begin the transition into the leadership opportunities but still get the participate as they did when younger.


Middle and High School Youth are volunteers who serve in huge ways – connecting directly with the kids, guiding them, mentoring them, leading and observing in a loving and kind way. Matched with the same kids each day – friendships are made.

Adults – Tell us where you feel called to serve and we’ll do our best to place you – Go ahead and choose your desired position in the drop down, positions will be filled to match the needs and skills.