Sunday School

Children of any ages are WELCOME in Worship with their families! Details on our worship services can be found here

For 4 years old through 3rd grade: 

We are VIRTUAL! 

Join us Sunday Mornings at 10 AM via Zoom (email Kate Bell for the link) where we explore the Bible, Pray, Dance, Sign, and share our God Sightings. Bring a stuffed friend to share!

We are exploring the curriculum created by Illustrated Ministry.

For 4th and 5th graders: 

We are VIRTUAL! 

Join us Sunday afternoons at 12:15 PM via Zoom (email Kate Bell for the link). Grab your Bible (need one, we can help you get one!) and join us on Zoom. 

Each week, parents are emailed what we covered in Sunday School. The Director of Children’s ministry and team is well aware of how challenging it is to have the kids on a screen when so many are learning in that type of environment today. The emailed lesson helps families navigate the lesson and grow together when it works with your own schedule. 


You are welcome to explore our content here: https://linktr.ee/kidsccc

Teachers are volunteers from our parish that feel called to this ministry.  Teachers teach in teams of two and are background checked.  All teachers complete the Safe Church training provided by our Diocese.


Third graders are encouraged to join Cranbrook Choristers, which rehearses Mondays from 5-6:00 PM via zoom and one other time during the week for a private music lesson tailored to your child’s age/experience. Contact Christopher Wells to learn more about this amazing musical opportunity. 

Saint Francis Choir

Children in Sunday School are encouraged to participate in this musical enrichment experience. They will learn basic singing and rhythmic skills through varied activities and Bible-based songs. This choir starts as soon as the lesson is over for Virtual Sunday School – so join us at 10 for the lesson and fun and continue on for music and more love!  The director is Kate Bublitz – email for more information.