Children and Youth

Advent at Home

By Kate Bell, Director of Children’s Ministries

Religious Diversity Journey is an experience that 7th graders in our community have a choice to participate in. Throughout the school year, they visit several houses of worship and learn the “basics”

Children are the future of our community

By Kate Bell

Kids in church? It’s totally OK! Granted, as the one who coordinates Sunday School at Christ Church Cranbrook, I LOVE having the sweet children in our classrooms. (This Sunday is an exception; no class today.) However, I

2018 CCC Youth Ski Trip 2/17-19

Attention middle school and high schoolers:   Signup now for the annual CCC Weekend Ski Trip to Northern Michigan.  We will ski 2 days at Crystal Mountain

Sunday School is amazing

By Kate Bell

Did you know that the children in preschool through third grade who come with you on Sundays, enter into a world that is rich with unique opportunities?

These opportunities offer them a chance to see God, hear God, witness